Ghostwriting is used in many scientific disciplines. English is no exception.

Regardless of whether the difficulties stem from inadequate understanding of the topic or uncertainty in scientific writing, our agency frequently receives inquiries about texts in linguistics or literature and on the geography of English-speaking countries. These texts cover an enormous diversity of topics, which we meet with specialized authors.

English is an international language

English is a very broad field of study, which – apart from teaching studies – does not include a direct career path. In combination with other subjects such as sociology, philosophy, history, political science or business administration exciting combinations for future professional activities arise.

While linguistic skills can be mastered relatively easily, depending on talent and personal commitment, some areas of English studies are rather difficult to access and can only be acquired through an intensive examination of the everyday culture of English-speaking countries.

In each case it makes sense to use as many sources as possible; Books, but also movies and series can help to find a better access.

Previously, however, scientific English is a hurdle that needs to be overcome: Especially when writing an English-language Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis there are problems. After all, research in a foreign language usually proceeds much more slowly than in native language – especially when it has to take into account the peculiarities of the language of the time of Shakespeare or the King James Bible.

Thus, the study of English is far beyond the imparting of pure language or literary knowledge, because it is also aimed at a deeper understanding of culture.

Academic support by fishing professionals

Many academic ghostwriters are able to help in most areas of English studies, not only independently, but also provide valuable feedback that can improve their clients’ work, both in terms of their field of study and their personal background.