The number of academic writing ghostwriting agencies has risen sharply in recent years and there is no sign that this trend is changing.

While customers typically benefit from an increased number of vendors (because they are forced to either compete on quality or pricing or specialize in specific areas), ghostwriting behaves differently:

In markets for products, there are often clear conditions: the price can be found quickly and the quality is clear through product reviews or test reports. This makes the purchase decision massively easier.

This is not the case for highly individualized services such as academic ghostwriting: some agencies advertise with low flat rates, almost all emphasize their high quality and advertise with different statements or with symbols of scientificity and transparency.

In the rarest cases, customers can not judge the chances of success of a ghostwriting job with a particular agency – in the worst case, they are even deliberately deceived and betrayed.

Stinginess is not cool

Anyone who plays with the idea of ​​hiring a ghostwriter should be aware of the fact that academic ghostwriting may be an unusual market – but it does not go beyond the general market mechanisms: quality has its price in any case.

This means, first and foremost, that providers that operate at extremely low prices can only be profitable if they find enough ghostwriters to write at even lower prices – primarily students or even students without any writing experience.

In fact, an agency can compete on price or quality. Both together would be economically impossible.

The quality of an agency can not be deduced from its Internet presence alone, but becomes clear only in the case of a telephone conversation or a personal meeting.